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Introducing The Goddesslife 8 Week Transformation Challenge

8 week transformation. Incredible results. Beginner and advanced classes running throughout the year. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:15PM. The investment is only $49 per week.

8 Week Results

At Goddesslife Female Transformations, results happen fast. What you’re witnessing on this page are transformations over just an 8 week period.

These ladies worked hard and ate the right foods. With the professional guidance of a Goddesslife trainer, you’re guaranteed results and your life will change forever.

Use the slider on the image below to see the amazing transformations of previous clients!

Before_Shannon_1 After_Shannon_2_Update
Before_1 After_1
Before_Phoebe_1 After_Phoebe_1
Before_Phoebe_2 After_Phoebe_2
Before_2 After_2
Before_3 After_3
Before_Shannon_2 After_Shannon_2
Before_4 After_4
Before_5 After_5
Before_6 After_6
Before_7 After_7
Before_8 After_8
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Here Are What Other Ladies Are Saying About Their 8 Week Goddesslife Journey…

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I have lost 10cm from my core and much more motivated with my eating

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