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What Other Women Are Saying About Goddesslife Female Transformations.

Our clients share how Goddesslife has helped them achieve their health and fitness goals. Goddesslife helped them to be the change that they needed in their lives in order to reach their dreams!

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I have lost 10cm from my core and much more motivated with my eating

Sadie is a very warm and welcoming trainer, especially for someone who feels intimidated by her body. She always made me feel comfortable and constantly made comments on my growth, which motivated me every single time and made me feel great about myself! She is very consistent with her training and doesn’t allow anyone to give up, as she pushes you to your full potential. Would highly recommend her for all ages and body types as all exercises are specifically designed for your desired needs! Thanks heaps once again, for getting me to where I am today!!
Ashley Acar
October 2019
Best personal trainer out there! I have been going to personal trainers off and on for 5 years. Sadie is the only one I have stuck with for this long. She has a no BS approach but is the most compassionate PT and definitely has your best interests at heart. If you want someone who will always look out for your well-being and work with you to achieve your goals. I love Sadie and I have walked into training in a horrible mood and walked out elated after laughing and getting through the session together. Sadie has exceeded all expectations as a personal trainer and I don't just consider her an expert in her field she has definitely become a friend and part of my inner circle.
Niki Reed
February 2020
I carried Sadie's phone number around for months, afraid to call, in fear that I would be judged as being too old, too fat and too unfit. What I found, was a remarkable young woman with a beautiful soul ! From day 1, she gave me the confidence, strength, guidance and encouragement to becoming the best version of my self. Sadie is a caring, loving, dedicated, passionate, inspirational and knowledgeable personal trainer. Always giving you 100%, reassuring that you can do it ! I have no hesitation in recommending Sadie to any woman, (shape, size or age).. She truly brought me back to life!
November 2019
Highly recommend this business. Sadie is an experienced and dedicated personal trainer who has created a beautiful and safe environment in her studio. Even before my initial consultation with Sadie she helped me look into what was best for my complex health needs. Then immediately upon meeting her my impression was of an incredibly warm and supportive person. Her program is in no way take-it-or-leave-it one-size-fits-all but thoughtfully and uniquely tailored so I didn't feel like I was going to fail unreasonable expectations. I feel transformed after every appointment! Thank you Sadie!!
October 2019
Has helped me loose 11kg's in about 6 weeks and taught me about the nutritional science behind weight lose, macros and developing a healthy attitude towards food relationships. I have a chronic respiratory diseas which requires high doses of oral steroids which have harmed my bones and helped me stack on the KG's. Saide has developed a training program that takes into consideration my physical inability to perform high levels of cardio and activity seeks to develop strength whilst being gentle on my body as it heals from years of inactivity. Absolutely brilliant PT and an even better human being 🙂 Highly recommend Saide and Goddess Life Female Transformation! 10/10 5**** A++
Anjo B Murray
January 2020
Transformations. I have felt comfortable and supported in a female only environment, she has helped me become more accountable and encouraged me in a friendly way. I absolutely love going to her classes and have seen a real change in my body/mental health as well. Couldn't be happier 🙂
Rachel Dyer
June 2019
Sadie is the best trainer. Before seeing Sadie, I would go to the gym and eat healthy but couldn’t see a change in my body. Once I started training with Sadie, she helped me change my routines so that change could happen! Within a few weeks from when I started to see Sadie, I could see significant changes not only in just my body but also in the techniques I use to do certain exercises. Each week I look forward to my training sessions at the beautiful Goddess Life studio. She makes exercising fun and doesn’t make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable. I am sooo happy I found her!
Gabrielle Hakala
September 2019